Poetry Display Created by You!

To celebrate World Poetry Day we will be presenting a display of original poetry in the Castle.
To take part, follow these easy steps:

1. Write your own poem with the theme of ‘A day at the Castle’,
2. Decorate your poem in any way you like,
3. Send to us at the address below.

Pieces should be no bigger than 1 x A4 sized piece of paper and received by 18th March 2020.

Please include your name, age and a contact email address on a separate piece of paper with your poem. This information will not be displayed.

If you would like to include your name on the front of your work, please remember that this will be on display to the public, it is your decision whether you would like to sign your poem or not. We will assume you give consent for anything on the front of the work to be displayed.

Come and visit your masterpiece in the Castle between 21st March & 26th April 2020 (during opening hours).

Send your poems to:
Muncaster Castle
CA18 1RQ

If you would like us to return your work to you after the display please enclose a stamped addressed envelope. Only work submitted with a SAE will be returned.

If you have any queries please contact textiles@muncaster.co.uk

Many thanks!
muncaster poetry display