Muncaster Festival in North West Evening Mail

Muncaster Festival in North West Evening Mail

Muncaster offers visitors a taste of Cumbrian “elegance, art and culture”

31 May 2016 7:52PM

FAMILIES across Furness flocked to a legendary castle to experience a fun festival of food and fools.

Muncaster Castle opened its doors for a celebration of history and heritage as visitors took a step back in time to get a taste of days gone by.

From birds of prey demonstrations to circus skills workshops, guests could tap into their inner jester to learn new tricks and enjoy a memorable day out in one of Cumbria’s most iconic tourist destinations.

Peter Frost-Pennington, owner of Muncaster Castle, is delighted by the success of the three-day festival, which culminated today with the international jesters tournament.

He said: “It’s been fantastic. It’s wonderful to have a bank holiday weekend with superb weather for a change.

“Visitors have come out in their droves, we’ve had some fantastic entertainment and some amazing acts from our fools in residence.

“We’ve have climbing walls, fairground rides – everything.”

The event drew to a close yesterday afternoon as the new fool of Muncaster was crowned in the grand festival of fools.

The winner was Fraser Hooper and the runners-up were Kevin Burke and Professor Seltsam.

Muncaster’s legendary past dates back hundreds of years to a time when fools played a big part in daily court life.

Boasting links to the infamous Tom Fool, Muncaster prides itself on its impressive history of fun and mischief and Mr Frost-Pennington believes this event is the perfect way to celebrate its legacy.

He said: “Today is actually the international jester tournament but we’ve gone so much further than that.

“We have local craftsmen selling their wares, local food producers selling meats and sausages but the fact is that Muncaster is the home of Tom Foolery so the whole idea is to have fun and mischief and our fools are definitely in charge.”

The castle offers a full calendar of different events celebrating the very best of Cumbria’s culture.

From Easter egg rolling to sausage festivals, Muncaster has something for everyone to enjoy, including outdoor showings of Shakespeare classics and film favourites.

However, the highlight of the year is undoubtedly its Halloween celebrations which have been nominated for a Cumbria Tourism Award.

However, despite its intriguing past, Mr Frost-Pennington is eager to show that Muncaster is not stuck in the dark ages.

He said: “This is a living place. We’re looking forwards, not back but we can still honour the past.

“Muncaster is a living, breathing place of elegance, art and culture.”

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